At Home with the Lectionary

Year C, Pentecost Sunday

May 26, 2022
At Home with the Lectionary
Year C, Pentecost Sunday
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In this episode, we discuss the readings for Pentecost Sunday (Year C in the lectionary cycle): John 14:8-17,25-27; Romans 8:14-17; Psalm 104:25-37; Genesis 11:1-9; Acts 2:1-21.

We consider Jesus's promise to not leave us as orphans and to send the Holy Spirit, adopting us as children and heirs. We discuss the Psalm's joyful delight in God's creative generosity, and the oft-edited out prayer to judge the sin and wickedness that so mars and offends His life-giving work. We conclude by contrasting the arrogant building up of Babel and its division of languages to the humble receiving of God's gift come down at Pentecost with uniting of many people despite their varied languages.

-Wikipedia explains Whitsunday (also known as Whitsun or Whitsun Day)
-Fleming Rutledge's The Crucifixion: Understand the Death of Jesus Christ
-Michael S. Heiser's The Unseen Realm: Recovering the Supernatural Worldview of the Bible

Our outro music is an original song by our friend Dcn. Jeremiah Webster, a poet and professor whose giftedness is rivaled by his humbleness. You can find his published works, including After So Many Fires, with a quick Google.

John 14:8-17, (25-27)
Romans 8:14-17
Psalm 104:25-35, 27
Genesis 11:1-9
Acts 2:1-21