At Home with the Lectionary

Year A, Second Sunday in Lent

February 23, 2023
At Home with the Lectionary
Year A, Second Sunday in Lent
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In this episode, we discuss the readings for the second Sunday in Lent, Year A in the Lectionary cycle: John 3:1-17; Romans 4:15-, 13-17; Psalm 121; Genesis 12:1-4a

We discuss Jesus' conversation with Nicodemus, the example of Abraham's faith, the imagery in the Psalm of ascent, and God's covenant promise to Abraham.

-Fr. Bruce Waltke's book The Psalms as Worship
-Free YouTube playlist of Fr. Bruce lecturing on the Psalms

The Bible Project
--Bible Project's overview of John
--Bible Project's overview of Romans
--Bible Project's overview of Genesis
--Bible Project's video on sin
--Bible Project podcast on the Temptation of Jesus

--Prayers of the People for the season of Lent, Year A
--Metrical Collect for the 2nd Sunday in Lent

Recommended Lenten Resources:
--A Lenten Invitation to a Fasting Buffet (with book recommendations), from: Beth Felker Jones
--Dr. Esau McCaulley's primer on Lent
--Fleming Rutledge's book The Crucifixion: Understanding the Death of Jesus Christ
--Reader's Theater Passion Narrative Script
--Listening track for Lent from the Dwell App
--Some book recommendations for Lent from Marissa
--Anne Rice's book Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana (I recommend the audio version).

8:37 Collect
John 3:1-17
Romans 4:15-, 13-17
Psalm 121
Genesis 12:1-4a

Our outro music is an original song by our friend Dcn. Jeremiah Webster, a poet and professor whose giftedness is rivaled by his humbleness. You can find his published works, including After So Many Fires, with a quick Google.

John 3:1-17
Romans 4:1-5, 13-17
Psalm 121
Genesis 12:1-4a